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20 HOURS PER MONTH (averaging 5 hours per week)

Our services have been born from the recognition that many directors and senior professionals have commitments to several organisations.

Having one point of contact to co-ordinate your diary and manage your affairs makes life much simpler for you and the various organisations you represent.

Executive-Services provide the one contact point for all your organisations, this ensures that your diary is up to date and all your commitments are scheduled in the one place. There is no more need to run calendars for each organisation.

Your email account/s will also be monitored to ensure meeting requests are acted on your behalf and any changes to the diary are amended promptly.

By using Executive-Services you are ensuring that all the information you receive is being handled by an autonomous entity outside of all your organisations – this ensures confidential information stays confidential, there is no cross over between organisations.

We provide you with the essential assistance you would have from an executive assistant/personal assistant without having to pay for the assistant on a normal full time wage.

This relieves you of the obligations of full time wages, superannuation entitlements, PAYG tax, leave entitlements, training and non-attendance with the added benefit of being a deductable tax expense.

Executive-Services will take care to understand your business and professional relationships, ensuring that we represent you to colleagues and clients in a professional, polished manner at all times.

Services covered in the Express Package include;
Confirm bookings/appointments
Database maintenance (contacts in Outlook)
Diary management
Email monitoring/manage your email enquiries
Reminder scheduling

This package is our entry level service and would suit an executive looking for diary management support. 


To obtain pricing information, we will need to meet with you to discuss your service level requirements.  At Executive-Services our aim is to provide you with exceptional professional service, to do this we need to meet with you.


To arrange a meeting, please click here.

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