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About Executive-Services

Hello, my name is Sandrine Goodwin and I am the founder of Sandrine Goodwin Executive-Services ("Executive-Services").


I have been working as an Executive Assistant for the past 18 years, supporting c-suite executives in the industrial, construction, mining and most recently, financial sector.


It has been whilst supporting these executives, that it became apparent that many directors have difficulty managing their commitments between the various organisations that they are involved with. 


Trying to manage travel plans, appointments, email communication, board meetings, board reports (to name a few) and then juggle family time is tricky business.


A great executive assistant takes care of the day to day activities (such as travel planning, appointments, responding to email enquiries) and manages to stay ahead of the diary. 


The assistant is apt at avoiding clashes and knows when to reschedule any potential conflicts, so that the executive can focus on the business at hand and not get mired in administrative duties and the "email inbox".


A great executive assistant will also know when you need time out and give you breathing space.


I started my business as I enjoy being an Executive Assistant and love to organise!  I also wanted the flexibility to be able to work with multiple directors, in different industries and organisations.

I have a great network of fellow Executive Assistants and I know Executive-Services will be able to give you the professional independent support you need.

Confidentiality Deeds are executed for each client, we are registered for GST and are also covered with Professional Indemnity Insurance.

If your goal is to find someone to provide you with professional administrative support from an experienced independent executive assistant, you have found it!  Contact us to arrange a no obligation meeting and hear how we can give you back time. 

Each of my clients have said to me shortly after I've started managing their commitments that they can't believe how seamless it works and that they should have done it much earlier, take their advice, contact us now!

Sandrine Goodwin


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